Photo by Glenna Gordon.

I’m a writer, reporter and teacher. I spend most of my time working on books. I wrote my first one about Liberia and a historic federal prosecution in Miami. My next book, which comes out on October 1, is about the federal courts in New York City.

I’ve also written for The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Propublica, and others. Lately, I’ve been contributing to The Intercept where I’ve written about the murder of Marie Colvin, a novel lawsuit targeting the Alt-Right and left wing groups in Charlottesville, the failed recruitment and prosecution of a man accused of being an Iranian spy, and a few other things. I also teach at NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Institute of Journalism in the Cultural Reporting and Criticism program.

If you’re still interested, there’s this piece about a Marine unit accused of unlawful battlefield killings. And a related piece about treating the combat wounded in Iraq. (That’s where I met some of the Marines eventually implicated in that case.) This is a story about a motel in Queens that houses refugees on their first night in America. Those are some of my favorites. But, there’s much more here.

I’m working on my next book right now, but if you need to reach the folks who can answer rights questions contact Eric Lupfer at Fletcher & Co. Anna DeRoy at WME.